Friends it is with great pleasure that the Coalition for Repeal announces a second lawsuit for the recent Breach of Privacy by Health Canada. If you were one of the 40,000 individuals that received a letter from Health Canada with the words "Marihuana" on the outside envelope then you qualify automatically for this new lawsuit.

Please follow the attached link to register for the lawsuit. It will not cost you anything. And we the Coalition are grateful we can assist you in protecting your cannabis rights.

Register Here: http://www.branchmacmaster.com/medical-marihuana/

Jason Wilcox
BC National Steering Committee Representative
MMAR Coalition Against Repeal

Update: March 19, 2014

We write to provide an update in relation to the proposed class action lawsuit against Health Canada in relation to the potential breach of privacy arising from mail outs conveyed by Health Canada in November 2013 with a return address identifying that the mail out was conveyed in relation to the "Marihuana Medical Access Program". We are working together with three other law firms with respect to this action: McInnes Cooper, Sutts, Strosberg LLP and Charney Lawyers.

We have recently launched an enhanced secure online registration system. Anyone who received the November 2013 letter from Health Canada should register on the registration system at https://www.terida.com/mmhc/login.seam. If you have communicated with our office or otherwise provided us with your contact information, you should still register with the secure registration system. Registration on the website will assist us in prosecuting the class action and assessing what potential damages were suffered by the class as a whole. Anyone who has questions or encounters difficulty with the registration system may contact us toll-free at 1..

On February 20, 2014, the plaintiffs obtained an order permitting them to pursue their action against Health Canada utilizing a pseudonym. In most cases, parties to a legal action are required to name themselves and their names become part of the public record. However, the Federal Court found that the plaintiff's privacy should be protected and to deny the plaintiffs their anonymity in the action would result in the disclosure of the very information they seek to protect, thereby exacerbating the damage already caused by Health Canada's November 2013 mailing. Health Canada has appealed the Federal Court's decision in this regard. A date for the appeal to be heard has not yet been set down but we anticipate it will be heard in the next month.

In the next stage of the litigation, the plaintiffs will seek an order from the Federal Court of Canada to certify the lawsuit as a class action.

All further updates regarding the class action will be posted at www.marijuanaclassaction.com/. Please visit that website periodically to obtain updates as they are available. Please understand that a court action can take months, if not years, to proceed.

Best regards,

Kate Saunders
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